Switch, replace or repair* your device for any reason

Broken? Or simply wanting a change? AIS Care+ provides you the flexibility to switch your device to any brand, any color for any reason anytime. No questions asked!

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*Repairs for Android phone & tablet is limited to screen replacement. Full Device Repair is provided for iPhones only. Repair is provided by Bolttech as a separate service to AIS Care+: see Terms and Conditions for Device Repair Service for iPhone.

Here's how it works:

Simply submit your request to switch, replace or repair your device through our website. Just take your pick and we'll deliver it to your doorstep, and exchange your device in any condition, giving you convenience and more choices.

Make the switch in just a few easy steps

We'll keep you connected in the fastest, easiest, and most convenient way possible.

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Select a service

Select the service you would like to request - Device Switch, Device Replacement, or Device Repair

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Choose your preferred device

You have the flexibility to choose your preferred device, ranging from Identical device to Like-for-Like (same model, different color) or even Like-for-Similar devices (different model and brand). Terms apply.

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State of current device

Provide some basic details on the current condition of your device.

A pin point on a location that explains that we deliver the device where customers ask us to.

Delivery details

Provide a residential or office address for the device to be sent to you.

An invoice with a dollar that shows how much customers need to pay.

Payment details

Enter your credit card details or select bank transfer. Device Switch/Replace and Device Repair is subject to Service Fees.

At bolttech, we offer two simple choices for you to make a switch:

Phone repairing with a screw driver.

Device Repair

Be worry-free. Broken? Cracked? Device slowing down? Black spots? Battery issue? No problem. We will repair it for you with no questioned asked.

Frequently asked questions

Both AIS Care+ and AIS Care+ with AppleCare Services are service plans which provides no-questions asked Device Switch, Replacement and Repair.
AIS Care+ with AppleCare Services is a service plan enhanced with AppleCare service benefits and available exclusively for iPhone devices.
Customers who are enrolled to AIS Care+ before 22 September 2023 with iPhone and all iPad and Android customers:
2 Switch or Replacement per rolling 12 months.
  • Switch fee: 25% of Device RRP
  • Replacement fee: 42.5% of Device RRP
1 Free screen replacement

Customers who are enrolled to AIS Care+ service from 22 September 2023 with iPhone:
2 Switches, 1 Replacement and unlimited repairs per rolling 12 months
  • Switch Fee: Per device tier
  • Replacement fee: 42.5% of Device RRP
  • Device Repair: 2,200 baht per request

Customers who are enrolled to AIS Care+ with AppleCare Services from 21 March 2024 and AIS Care+ iPhone customers onboarded from September 22, 2023 who wish to be upgraded to this service via USSD.
2 Switches, 1 Replacement and unlimited repairs per rolling 12 months
  • Switch fee: 25% of Device RRP
  • Replacement fee: 42.5% of Device RRP
  • Screen Replacement: 1,000 baht per screen (front or back), 2,000 baht for both screens
  • Other repairs beyond screen: 3,300 baht per request
  • AppleCare Service benefits: Unlimited Hardware Services, Battery replacement (per Apple's conditions), global carry-in repair service at Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service providers and 24/7 priority access to Apple Support.

For more information, please check terms and conditions at: Terms and Conditions and AIS Care+ information page AIS Care+ with AppleCare Services
This service is available to postpaid AIS customers who purchase a new mobile phone or tablet (Android, Tablet and iPad) from AIS.
The service can be applied for within 30 days from the date of purchase of a new mobile phone or tablet.
This service is available to postpaid AIS customers who purchase an iPhone mobile phone from AIS.
You can apply for the service within 30 days from the date of purchase of the new iPhone.
1. Notify via Call Center at 098-585-1175, every day from 09:00 to 20:00 hrs. (Free calls within the AIS network).
2. Online service available 24 hours a day, every day at https://ais-careplus.bolttech.co.th/.
3. Apple Support: getsupport.apple.com, phone support at 1800-019-900 (Monday to Sunday, 9am-9pm) and chat support (Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm) [for AppleCare Services customers only]
Device Like-for-Like (Like for Like)
Definition: Same brand, model, and color as the original model

Device Like-for-Identical (Like for Identical)
Definition: The same model as the original model but in a new color

Device Like-for-Similar (Like for Similar)
Definition: Other models and colors that have similar features to the original model, may change brand or model (as specified by the service provider)
The AIS Care+ device will be a 'like new' device, which means that:
  • The device may be refurbished (containing OEM’s or non-OEM’s parts)
  • It is not provided in the OEM’s packaging
  • It will be provided in a 'Not for Resale' packaging; and
  • Only device will be provided and does not include any device accessories (device accessories means any equipment or anything that is either provided by the OEM in the box with the device or sold separately to be used with the device).
Firstly, check if the exisitng device you would like to Switch or Replace is registered with AIS. Next, turn off 'Find My iPhone' or a similar security lock, then pay the Switch or Replacement service fee and input your delivery address. When the courier delivers the Switch or Replacement device, please present your Thai ID card to receive and exchange by handing over your existing device to the courier. If you requested for a Replacement device, you do not need to hand over your existing device.
You can change your device; however, it must be in accordance with the terms and conditions of the warranty provided by OEM or bolttech. Please inform via AIS Care+ Call Center or directly at any AIS store. Proof of exchange is required for OEM warranty changes.